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IGN: JerseyCraft13
By JerseyCraft » about 1 year ago
Introducing in our Discord the NEW Donator Rank

The Donator Rank is a "superpower" for our dear players that have donated by buying a rank in our server or had the luck to win a donator rank from crates.

What can the users do with the rank?

The users who will get the rank will have the permission to:
  • Join #donators - text channel;
  • Join Donators - voice channel;

How can a user receive this Donator Rank?

We have implemented an easy method for our users to receive the rank.
All you have to do is to make an application here: Apply for Discord Rank Sync!
That was easy, right?
After that, @jerseycraft will review and reply at it within 48 hours.

How can a Donator Rank Application be accepted?

The applications are accepted if:
  • The user has minimum 1 donator rank on our server;
  • The user is a member in the Jerseycraft Network Discord Server;
  • The user isn't banned on Jerseycraft Network Discord Server.