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By JerseyCraft » about 1 year ago
How to keep your account safe?

This will be a quick post to warn/update you guys about something that is happening lately.
We are aware of a number of users attempting to steal players account details by means of confidence tricks.

Please follow the information in this thread to ensure that you won't be hacked!

The first and the most common method for these users trying to steal details is by contacting you as a player to join their server you will have to register on their server and they will see what password you're registering with.

Using the same password on multiple servers WILL lead to your Minecraft account being stolen along with many other accounts where you were using the same password.

So please be very careful, try to not use the same password on every server, we know it would be easy to remember but there is also a risk with it. There is nothing we can do to prevent this from happening so with this post we will hopefully warn you guys about this!
Note: Most servers are not stealing your passwords, it's most likely small servers with no players online.
Note: We are not saying you can't join any other server we just wanna warn you guys about this to not use the same password everywhere!

The second method is random users sending links and PMs via our forums or even in-game:

They will send you URL where you have to click on you will need to enter your details.
DO NOT ACCEPT these files or click the links. By entering your details into these websites WILL lead to your Minecraft account being stolen along with many other programs using the same details.

NONE of our staff members (or players acting they are staff) have any reason to contact you to ask for any personal information such as your password or your IP-address.
Please be very careful, 
only accept Skype/Discord requests from players you know. Ask to talk to them or something to confirm that they really are who they say they are.

Quick short version:
  • We will NEVER ask information from you on Skype or PM you on the forums about this.
  • Try to use a different password on an another server. We know it's hard, but still to be safe!
  • NEVER fill in any information to websites a player send you!
  • NEVER tell anyone your password!

We hope that this post will WARN you and make you aware of this!