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Information about Voting


Voting helps Jerseycraft Network by ranking us up on various Minecraft Server Lists. The higher rank we are, the more publicity we'll get, overall increasing our player base!
Many users don't realize that voting is a good way to start making some money, you can make at least $100,000 each day and get other items by voting on the vote-links.

When voting you will also receive a voting crate key.This crate key can be used at 
/warp crates where you will receive various prizes each time you open the crate.
Voting will grant you rewards on ALL the servers upon login, for example, you vote on Prison and receive there the rewards, after that, if you will go in Factions or in any other game-mode, you will receive the rewards there too.

How to vote

Voting is simple, all you need to do is vote on our voting links. Most of the voting sites will require you to click on and use captcha to prove you aren't a robot. ( To prevent clients that keep boosting the server stats)
Once you completed the captcha you can fill in your Minecraft username in whichever box the site tells you to. When you completed everything click on ''Submit your vote'' and you will receive the rewards after 1-5 minutes or even instantly.
! Please Note !

The reward is different in every game mode!
Make sure your inventory is not full, empty it before voting/using crates! We don`t give items back if this happened!
For your votes to be counted at /votetop you must join the hub after you voted!

Vote Links

View the links to vote by typing /vote in-game or visiting or click below:
Spoiler: Vote Links
Spoiler: Vote Links
Top Voters

The Top 4 Voters of the Month will receive a store voucher that they can use it at our store. They will get contacted at the end of the month by mail in game and the winners will also be announced on the forums.
You can view the Vote Leaderboard by typing the command /votetop in the server.

The rewards for the top voters are the following:

First: - ?? store voucher for the store.
Second: - ??
 store voucher for the store.
Third: - ?? store voucher for the store.
Fourth: - ?? store voucher for the store.