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IGN: JerseyCraft13
By JerseyCraft » about 1 year ago
Hey guys, don't worry I didn't abandon you guy guys just been doing a couple things to get stuff together and making sure this launch wont be a failed,
the plans are to open up he old mega 3.0 for a good 4 - 6 months while that's open ill be working on the network witch will only have 5 servers.. I
will also be adding donor rank network wide with a total of 5 maybe 6 ranks. You can buy ranks with the new Gem currency.
Gems will also be Network wide, 
You can buy gems on the server store use them gems to buy ranks, commands, multiplier and so on.
The network will be on a dedicated server so there should be no lag,
servers will all restart every 12 hours everyday so if there was an update posted to the server it will activate after that restart,
the server will only be restarted before Schedule if there is a game braking bug, All servers will be backed up every Monday and Friday morning

★ Mega4.0
★ Skyblock

★ Op Factions
★ Survival
★ Creative

Elite » 500
 King » 1,500
Immortal » 2,500
 God » 5,000
RedMist » 8,500

Jerseycraft is looking for people willing to help out and you will Receive gems in return, there are the things we all in search for for the upcoming network on Mega4.0

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