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IGN: JerseyCraft13
By JerseyCraft » 9 months ago
  1. Discord
  2. Forums account must be at least 30 days old.
  3. Cannot be staff on another server. (Conflict of interest)
  4. In-game activity in the last 30 days.
  5. No mutes or bans in the last 30 days. (This does not include successfully appealed punishments.)
  6. Must be an active player in the community prior to submitting a staff application.
  7. Extensive knowledge of JerseyCraft Network's game modes and what they have to offer.
  8. Ability to properly identify and punish hacked clients, spam, threats, etc...
  9. Proper grammar and spelling.
  10. You must have a clear understanding of the rules and how to uphold them.
  11. Dedication, teamwork, and professionalism when the occasion calls for it.
Common denial reasons
  1. Asking a staff member to look at your application (self-promotion / asking for votes)
  2. Making an app within the 2 weeks wait period of a denial.
  3. Using an old app without any major changes or effort.
  4. Plagiarism (This will result in all future applications being denied.)
  5. Creating a troll application (This will result in removing your permission to apply ever again)
  6. Lying in your application.
  7. Reapplying within 30 days of resigning or being demoted.
  8. Not putting enough effort into your application.
  9. Arguing in the comments of your application.
  10. Being a toxic member of the community.
  11. Targeting staff members.
  12. Not meeting the requirements listed above.
Terms of Staff
  1. You will not leak the staff chat, staff discussions or anything staff related.
  2. You will not abuse your powers or give yourself an advantage over players.
  3. You will keep records of evidence regarding punishments if required.
  4. You will not delete messages you send within the staff chat/channels.
  5. You will not lie to players or staff.
  6. You will not ignore players.
  7. You will notify the Administration Team if you are going to be inactive for more than 3 days.
  8. You will be demoted and possibly banned if you break any rules which will drastically decrease your chance of ever being staff again.
  9. You will follow all rules listed in the Staff Documents.
  10. The staff terms and agreement can be changed at any time with or without notice by anyone of the Administration Team.
  1. We prefer people from 14 years of age though there can be exceptions.
  2. Your application will be publically visible, do not add any personal information that you do not want to be public!
  3. Be aware of the common denial reasons!
  4. In-game activity in the last 30 days.
  5. Editing and reformatting your application is not allowed! (You can not edit your application after you submit it)
Copy & Paste

First Name:

In-Game Name:

Discord Username:





Time Zone:

On which of the following are you active?: Forums / Discord:

For how long have you been playing Jerseycraft Network?:

What gamemodes are you active on?:

Are you able to perform voice calls through discord? (Do you have a working microphone):

Are you able to record and upload videos?:

Why do you want to become a staff?:

How can you help to improve Jerseycraft Network?:

Why should we choose you over other applicants?:

If you were in a situation that you didn't know how to handle what would you do?:

In your opinion, what qualities do you think a good staff member should have?:

Do you currently have other servers that you play on besides Jerseycraft Network and will this affect your online time?:

Have you ever been staff on any other servers, if so, what kind of experience do you have?:

Have you ever been punished on Jerseycraft Network or any other servers?:

How much time can you dedicate to your staff duties in hours / week?:

How many staff applications have you made prior?:

Is there anything else we should know?:

Do you agree on the Staff Terms?:
 (Read the Staff Terms above.)

! Warnings​
Before submitting the form, please read carefully the requirements and check if you are meeting them!
        After you submit the application, you cannot edit / update it!