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IGN: MortosVivos
By Manuel » 9 months ago

Minecraft Username:MortosVivos

What kind of bug is it?:Bug with Prestige

Where did this bug occur:16/07/2018

Describe the bug or the issue:So the bug is basically i did the prestige quest the first one and got 1 prestige point , and din't prestige so i tried doing prestige 2 to check if that work and when i was in the midle of prestige 2 the quest randomly reseted and had to again , since that (i think it's because of that) and a few hours after that i've lost my 15k tokens my 100tril Money and i've stayed on the highest rank That there are that i warlord

Have you been capable to intentionally replicate the issue:No

Could you provide an evidence regarding the bug: (before) (after)
If you marked yes to the above question, please describe how you managed to replicate the bug:
Is there anything else we should know?:No


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IGN: JerseyCraft13
By JerseyCraft » 9 months ago
Fixed, Thanks for the report