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IGN: Arceus
By Arceus » 9 months ago
Minecraft Username: Arceus

What kind of bug is it?: Login server bug

Where did this bug occur: 4:21 PM at June 25

Describe the bug or the issue: When trying to login, the server wouldn't let me log in because it says that I have "failed to verify the username on the server."

Have you been capable to intentionally replicate the issue: Yes

Could you provide an evidence regarding the bug: No

If you marked yes to the above question, please describe how you managed to replicate the bug: I just tried logging in again and it produced the same message
Is there anything else we should know?: I am using a cracked version of the account with the same name
What Minecraft version were you using: 1.13


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IGN: JerseyCraft13
By JerseyCraft » 9 months ago
Sorry for this problem, the host did something witch messed it up and turned it premium but the problem is being fixed as we talk im so sorry for this