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IGN: Onevorah
By Onevorah » 8 months ago

Minecraft Username: Onevorah

What kind of bug is it?: / Comnmand Error Or Incorrect Text
Where did this bug occur: Within the Prison Server
Describe the issues: 

1.  After running /help:
         • /discord: 
             ◘ Description is incorrect (Says "Rankup if you have the money")

             ◘ Running command provides link, but link has expired.

2.  After running /commands:
         • /token help: Running command gives "Correct usage: /token" message
         • /gems: Running command gives "Correct usage: /token" message

         • /suggestion: Unknowing command.
         • /report: Do not have perms to use command.
         • /jctoken: Same output as /token
         • /jctoken help: Lists "/withdraw (amount)" but this alias is not set up yet. Currently only "/withdrawtoken (amount)" works.



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IGN: JerseyCraft13
By JerseyCraft » 7 months ago
Thank you for the Report these issues have been fixed!