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IGN: aSaimon
By Saimon » 9 months ago
Minecraft Username: aSaimon

What kind of bug is it?: Something to do with Vote Crate and Housing

Where did this bug occur: Prison

Describe the bug or the issue: The vote crate seems to be having some bugs since it won't give me vote keys and legendary keys that I won, and the kits and swords and pickaxe. I also can't build at the basement of my housing which is pretty disappointing

Have you been capable to intentionally replicate the issue: No

Could you provide an evidence regarding the bug: I can't provide evidence since it doesn't show any messages whenever I win the keys or try to destroy the blocks at my basement

If you marked yes to the above question, please describe how you managed to replicate the bug:
Is there anything else we should know?: Don't think so
What Minecraft version were you using
Forge 1.8.9


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IGN: JerseyCraft13
By JerseyCraft » 9 months ago
All bugs have been fixed and updated. Thank You for reporting please let me know if anything else gose wrong

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