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By DevKlaus » 28 days ago
Greetings, ladies and gentlemen,

As you may have heard, I am formally applying for the position of Trial Helper. I am not here to state my issues. I’m here to state what differentiates me from other candidates. If it pleases the reader, I invite you to journey through my text.

This is my first application after Jersey got closed for nearly 2 years, I believe ranks should be given through experience and effort. In order to practice what I preach, I will list off some commands I have taken on in my past.

Pixel Craft Early 2012 - Mid 2012
Pixel Craft Administrator
Pixel Craft Head Builder

Batman Craft Early 2013 - Mid 2014
Co-Owner 2x ( Shared Server )

Valor Minecraft Server Early 2015 - Early 2017
Valor Family Member
Valor Facility Director

The above list my major accomplishments, yet I hold many more as well. I’ve been on this platform since 2012, and within that, I’ve served under Pixel’s PixelCraft in many different roles, such as Administrator, and Head Builder. I’ve wandered to some other servers, such as Reborncraft, currently being revived by by some Stefan wannabe, which I’m honored to have the largest gang in prison. Another thing to point out, is that I’ve been in Jersey Craft since the beginning, and haven’t left. My loyalty to this network could be seen as extreme in a way, but I like to think that I’m putting my efforts to good causes.

Hopefully I outlined a good insight into my past experiences, and provided a light into what I could possibly achieve for Jersey Craft. Next is a list of what are some of my primary goals.

-Gain and maintain several server partners ( I believe this is not the job of a Trial-Helper, but in in the future, yes. Who knows, I'll be JerseyCraft's next administrator )
  I want our network to have friendly staffs. I believe having bad system and staffs could cause problems when partnering other networks, and discussing changes to our network. 
-Drop parties on weekends
I believe that we should be either hosting DPs as much as possible. I suggest doing one on Friday and Saturday, and a couple unofficial ones during the week. Performing DPs daily could lead to boredom ensuing, resulting in less activity, but we still need to shape and sharpen our skills as best we can. Fostering a balance between these two is a primary goal of mine. 

-Bringing back Clans/Gangs

Though some people don’t agree with this, I feel that if we’re going to have a Donor ranks, and several kits, why should we leave out the Clans? Sure, you could say “Clans are useless”, but I’d beg to differ. it’s about the roleplay aspect. I’d like you to consider this option thoroughly.

 -Position Interviews
Pursuing the idea of requiring Voice Chat interviews in order to receive certain positions, would be extremely beneficial. Not only does it give you a feel for who they would possibly be promoting, but it applies ourselves in current situations that we could utilize in our lives. It’s applicable to all walks of life, and could help maintain order and structure within the network, more so than other strategies of positioning.

First Name: Alexander

In-Game Name: DevKlaus

Discord Username: MarshalValor#8018

Age: 16, turning 17 this August

Gender: Male

Language(s): English

Country: Philippines

Time Zone: GMT+8

On which of the following are you active?: Forums / Discord: Both

For how long have you been playing Jerseycraft Network?: 3 years with breaks

What gamemodes are you active on?: I'll be active in prison only since it is the only game mode that I like from this network. 

Are you able to perform voice calls through discord? (Do you have a working microphone): Yes, I do. I'm not able to speak during weekdays. 

Are you able to record and upload videos?: Yes, I can record and upload videos. I usually use gyazo or bandicam.

Why do you want to become a staff?: I wanted to be a staff because I got huge plans for this network knowing I'm here for atleast 3 years. This adds up to my previous point above.

How can you help to improve Jerseycraft Network?: Well, I'll start off as a helper, since we don't have enough members, I'll try to climb up to the ranks. I will monitor the staffs daily and send Jersey a weekly report. I'll can provide this network a codex where you can rely to. 

Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I stated everything above. ( Introduction )

If you were in a situation that you didn't know how to handle what would you do?: That's why I'm here because I'll provide this network a codex where they can rely to. However, if I encounter a situation like that, I'll mostly re-think and solve the problem by myself or I'll ask help to higher ups.

In your opinion, what qualities do you think a good staff member should have?: Selflessness, Patience and Caring. Pretty much, that's all.

Do you currently have other servers that you play on besides Jerseycraft Network and will this affect your online time?: None, Jerseycraft is the only server I play, that's why I downloaded minecraft again.

Have you ever been staff on any other servers, if so, what kind of experience do you have?: I stated everything above.

Have you ever been punished on Jerseycraft Network or any other servers?: No, I got clean records w/ me.

How much time can you dedicate to your staff duties in hours / week?: My minimum hours will be 2 hours a day and 18 hours the max. 

How many staff applications have you made prior?: No, Idea. In other networks, I probably had over 10 applications. Including this, then 11 probably.

Is there anything else we should know?: Thank you for reading my application, if this app gets denied, I'll try my best to get a good rep in this network and re-apply.

Do you agree on the Staff Terms?:
 I hereby agree to the Staff Terms.

Thank you,